Average IT Salaries in Ukraine: What Are the Tendencies?

The Ukrainian IT industry is on the rise.

Average salary of developers in Ukraine. Daxx

As Western businesses have noticed the country as an attractive outsourcing location, qualified programmers are enjoying a slow, but steady rise in their income.

Even though IT salaries are growing, outsourcing development projects to Ukraine still makes sense to European companies. A software engineer salary in Ukraine still beats the competition of their European colleagues.

Let’s have a closer look at the trends in monthly IT salaries, based on a survey (in Russian) by a leading web resource for developers of Ukraine.

PHP Developer Salary

PHP developer, outsource php developer with Daxx

PHP developer salary has increased for the Seniors over the last year: it has grown from $2000 in May 2012 to $2300 in May 2013. Not a huge increase, but still. Juniors and Middles have been earning the same money for the last year, but all PHP experts have seen a minor increase in the salary since 2011.

Ruby Developer Salary

Senior Ruby programmers are enjoying a steady rise in their income, with the average Ruby developer salary increased from $2500 in May 2012 to $2800 in December 2012 and $3000 in May 2013. Juniors have seen a small drop in the average salary in December 2012, but in May 2013 it went back to the normal $800. Middles are earning less this year: while in May 2012 the average Middle Ruby developer salary was $2200 and in December 2012 $2300, in May 2013 it dropped down to $2000.

Java Developer Salary

Java developer, outsource Java developer with DaxxThe average Java developer salary is steadily growing for Juniors, Middles, and Seniors. Every six months the polls show that the salaries have increased by $100-200 for Senior developers, $20-150 for Middles, and up to $100 for Juniors.

JavaScript Developer Salary

JavaScript developer, outsource JavaScript developer with DaxxThe situation with the average JavaScript developer salary is similar to that of Ruby programmers. The income of Seniors is steadily increasing, while Middles and Juniors have seen a minor drop in the average salary in December 2012. In May 2013 Middles started earning slightly more than a year before, but the average salary of Juniors didn’t go back to the level of May 2012.

C++ Software Engineer Salary

Senior C++ developers started earning a little more this May, but the increase is not big, even compared with December 2011. Middles enjoyed a minor raise in December 2012, but in May 2013 the software engineer salary went back to the level that hasn’t changed since December 2011. Juniors had seen positive dynamics till December 2012, but in May 2013 their average salary slightly decreased.

Objective-C Computer Programmer Salary

Objective-C developer, outsource Objective-C developer with DaxxAll in all, the average salary of Senior Objective-C developers has been growing over the last two years, though there was a minor drop in December 2012. Middles, on the contrary, received more in December 2012 than they do in 2013: in May 2013 their average salary went down from $2000 to $1700, which is even lower than in May 2012. The salary of Juniors is not growing significantly, and there has been a decrease May 2012.

C#/.Net Software Engineer Salary

Csharp developer, outsource Csharp  developer with DaxxSenior C#/.Net developers, like most other Seniors, earn more and more each six months. The increase may be not very significant – $100-200 – but it’s steady. The average salary for Middles is slowly growing each year, and Juniors see a slow increase of $25-100, except May 2012, when the average salary went down from $675 to $625.

Python Developer Salary

Python developer, outsource Python developer with DaxxSenior Python coders earn considerably more this year: their average salary went up to $3000 as compared with $2500 in May and December 2012. The salary of Middles has increased a little, and for Juniors it even went down from $800 in December 2012 to $700 in May 2013.

It’s easy to notice that Senior developers is the category that enjoys a steady increase in the average salary regardless of the programming language they specialize in. Apparently, there is a demand for highly qualified and experienced specialists, and businesses are ready to pay more to attract and retain this talent. According to this survey, the “richest” programmers this year are Senior Java developers, who earn an average of $3100 per month. The lowest average salary in May 2013 is $600 for Junior PHP developers.

Were the results of this survey expected or did they surprise you? What market trends do you see behind these trends in the salaries? Feel free to reply in the comments below.

Image Source: Freedigitalphotos.net


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