5 Conferences to Add to Your .NET Event Calendar

.net developer, .net development, .net programmer, .net development team, .net event calendar, .net conference, international .net conference.NET developers are lucky to have an impressive community, supported by the giant of the software world – Microsoft. If you want to get connected with this community for any purpose – learning, hiring, getting hired, or whatever else – a .NET conference is the right place to do that. Fortunately, there are plenty of remarkable events in the .NET development world, both organized by Microsoft and brought to life by enthusiasts. Here are five of them, worth adding to your .NET event calendar.

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5 Best Upcoming Web Development Conferences

Web developer, Web development, Web programmer, Web development team, Web event calendar, Web conference, international Web conferenceFrom inspiration and new knowledge to employment opportunities or best web programmer talent – an international conference is a find for everyone at least remotely interested in web development. An event like that is where managers meet developers, and entrepreneurs meet great contractors, so if attending a web conference is still not on your to-do list, it’s high time to add it.

Here are five web development events, most worthy of your attention and coming up soon this year. Content management systems, frameworks, tools, and design trends – these conferences cover the hottest web development topics.

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Must-Attend Events for a Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails developer, Ruby on Rails development, Ruby on Rails programmer, Ruby on Rails development team, Ruby on Rails event calendar, Ruby on Rails conference, international Ruby on Rails conferenceLike most things open source, Ruby on Rails has a fairly large and active community, so a Ruby on Rails programmer always has opportunities to learn from others and share their own knowledge. If you are one of these professionals or someone who is after a good Ruby on Rails developer, conferences are the place to go.

Dedicated Ruby on Rails conferences may not be that numerous, but each of the events in this post are worth adding to your Ruby on Rails event calendar.

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Top 5 Events for a PHP Developer to Attend

PHP Events list

Networking and making connections may not seem that important for a PHP developer, and that is probably why not all coders attend PHP events regularly. But the truth is an international PHP conference is a terrific way to share knowledge and learn the new tricks in your craft.If you have been thinking about attending a top event in PHP development, here are five conferences to add to your PHP event calendar.

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DrupalCamp Kyiv 2012

DrupalCamp Kyiv 2012 – the main event of the year for drupallers will take place on September 14-15 in Kyiv at an i-klass education center.

The format of the DrupalCamp is a two-day barcamp, with four parallel streams of reports every day. Reports are pre-determined, however there will be some free slots for open discussions and initiatives formed directly during the event. In addition, the event will feature code-sprint and for those who want to brush up for the conference, we’ll arrange professional trainings a couple of days before the main event.

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