How to Effectively Hire Web Developers Remotely

When you are planning to start a big development project, at some point you will consider outsourcing as a great way to save costs while getting the same quality of work.

Outsource Prorgammers with Daxx IT StaffingThis makes sense: PHP developers or Ruby developers from Eastern Europe, for example, will charge much less than programmers of the same level, located in Western Europe or the USA.

But when you outsource a programmer, there are always challenges, associated with handling the hiring process remotely. So what are the major difficulties you will face while hiring web developers offshore, and what to do about them?

Inadequate Idea About Your Project

When you communicate with a person remotely and in a language that is foreign to them – or both of you, because programmers in Ukraine and Russia normally speak English, but not other European languages – it is more difficult to communicate what you want to achieve. As a result, in the course of the project you might discover that you were looking for the wrong specialist to begin with (for example, your project would be better handled by Ruby developers than the PHP developers you hired).

How to Avoid That?

Make sure you focus on the goals of the project, not just the features. One and the same feature can be implemented in different ways, depending on the ultimate goal it serves. When you give the candidate a clearer picture of what you are looking for, it will be easier for you and them to assess whether their skills are adequate.

Overpromising and Underperforming

The CVs and portfolios of your candidates matter, but you never know how accurate they are. Most people who are trying to get a job overpromise, and when your communication is not face-to-face, it’s more difficult to detect that.

How to Avoid That?

Make sure your interview is designed to assess those skills and experience of your potential web developers that are relevant to your project. Watch how they communicate with you concerning the project – are they asking questions to the point and giving good recommendations, or are they just nodding their heads and promising to deliver anything you want? Finally, a good idea is to ask them to pass a test that is relevant to your project. If you are not confident in your IT staffing skills, you may want to hire an expert outstaffing company to help you with this process.

Missing Talent

Most companies that want to hire web developers focus on the skills of the candidates and the tools they have mastered. That seems logical, but the problem is it is easy to miss a really talented developer just because they lack this or that listed skill. This, again, is especially true when you hire web developers remotely, as the communication is more difficult.

How to Avoid That?

Make sure you really talk to the person you are considering. A candidate may not have experience with a framework you want to use, but be an amazing coder, who will learn this new skill in a matter of days. If you don’t want to miss really good talent, try to become a better manager yourself: a good HR will spot the right person immediately, even if the CV doesn’t quite match the requirements.

Starting your own offshore development center is surely an even bigger challenge than finding great developers for your in-house team. If you suspect that you are not good enough as an IT staffing manager, it’s better to leave that to professionals. There are companies like Daxx (Netherlands) that specialize in recruiting IT personnel offshore and know how to find the combination of skills, talent, and experience that is right for your specific project.

Have you had any experience hiring web developers offshore? How did you handle these difficulties? Feel free to reply in the comments below.

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