Outsource Programmer to Dnipropetrovsk: Key Facts About a Major Offshore Development Center in Ukraine

DnipropetrowskIT outsourcing, which has triggered the boom of IT industry in Ukraine, is normally centered in the biggest cities of the country. At least one software outsourcing company can now be found in literally every city of Ukraine, but it’s the million cities that have become major offshore development centers.

The fourth largest city in Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk is an important industrial center that have always been rich in qualified engineers and other technical professionals. These days, serving the current needs of the market, Dnipropetrovsk has become one of the country’s most important IT cities. Here are key facts about Dnipropetrovsk that explain its popularity as an offshore development center.

 Geographical Location and Population

Around 1.2 million people permanently reside in Dnipropetrovsk, the city conveniently located on the Dnipro river in East-Central Ukraine. Another 2 million people comprise the temporary population: people who have relocated to Dnipropetrovsk from smaller towns of the region or even from other regions.

Time Difference

Like the rest of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk is located in the Eastern European Time Zone, so the time difference between this city and major European capitals is no more than one or two hours. This is very convenient for remote collaboration with offshore programmers. For an American business, the time difference is, obviously, bigger, but still not as big as with Asian outsourcing countries: Dnipropetrovsk time is seven hours later than New York time.

IT Talent Pool

As one of the major education centers in the country, Dnipropetrovsk is the home of 16 universities, and around 1500 IT specialists graduate from these universities annually. All in all, about 2000 IT professionals are currently involved in IT outsourcing in Dnipropetrovsk, comprising 10% of Ukraine’s IT outsourcing talent pool.

Level of IT Salary

Dnipropetrovsk is a much cheaper city to live in than Kyiv: the average property price level is approximately 25% lower than in the capital, and the salaries are about 20% lower than what programmers earn in Kyiv. The highest average Senior software engineer salary in Dnipropetrovsk is $2850 per month for a Senior Java developer, and the lowest computer engineer salary is $620 for a Junior Java expert, says the Developers of Ukraine resource.

How to Get There

Dnipropetrovsk has an international airport, so it’s possible to get there by air from Kyiv or several other European cities. The airlines operating in Dnipropetrovsk Airport are Turkish Airlines, Aerosvit Airlines, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, and others. Dnipropetrovsk is also connected to other Ukrainian cities by the railroad, though this way is not convenient for international travel.

With a sufficient amount of IT professionals on the one hand, and lower average computer engineer salary and maintenance costs on the other, Dnipropetrovsk is one of the most attractive locations for a software outsourcing company.

If you consider Ukraine as an IT outsourcing destination, would you rather outsource programmer to Dnipropetrovsk or some other Ukrainian offshore development center? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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