Outsource Programmer to Ukraine: Kharkiv as an Offshore Development Center

IT outsourcing is becoming an increasingly important industry in Ukraine, and a software outsourcing company can now be found in nearly any city. Nevertheless, some cities have become more prominent in the industry.


Over the last few years, Kharkiv has grown into the second largest offshore development center after Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Once the capital of Soviet Ukraine, Kharkiv today is one of the biggest regional centers and among the most influential cities in the Eastern Ukraine. It offers a large IT talent pool, which is one of the factors that have made the city so attractive for outsourcing.

Geographical Location and Population

Kharkiv is located in the east of Ukraine, the region that has always been industrially and technically developed. 1.7 million people live in Kharkiv permanently, and the temporary population is another 2.5 million. Like any big city, Kharkiv attracts people from smaller towns of the region, who are looking for more opportunities.

Time Difference

Ukraine is located almost exclusively in the Eastern European Time Zone, so the difference between Kharkiv and Berlin will be one hour, Kharkiv and London – two hours, and Kharkiv and New York – seven hours. This makes Kharkiv convenient for Western European businesses, and for companies from the USA the time difference is still not as big as with Asian outsourcing locations.

IT Talent Pool

Kharkiv is one of the most competitive outsourcing regions in Ukraine due to the extensive talent pool of IT professionals. Around 5000 Kharkiv developers work in IT outsourcing, which is 20% of the total IT outsourcing human resource in Ukraine. The number of IT companies in the city reaches 200.

The educational potential of Kharkiv is strong as well: around 3000 of IT specialists graduate from the city’s 43 universities annually, and about 25-30% of them start working for software outsourcing companies.


The monument to a programmer near Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics (KHNURE)

Kharkiv is the students’ center of Ukraine, with more than 188,000 students studying at its 83 higher education institutions.

The city has 13 national universities and numerous professional, technical and private higher education institutions, offering its students a wide range of disciplines. Kharkiv National University (12,000 students), National Technical University “KhPI” (10,000 students),Kharkiv National Aerospace University “KhAI” are the leading universities in Ukraine.

Founded in 1930, Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics (KHNURE) is one of the oldest schools in Ukraine.

It grows dynamically today and its research and educational capabilities in electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, information and computer technologies have no equals in Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Level of IT Salary

The cost of living in Kharkiv – and consequently, the level of IT salary – is about 15% lower than in Kyiv, so as an offshore development center this city is more cost-competitive than the Ukrainian capital. According to the Developers of Ukraine resource, Senior Java developers in Kharkiv get the highest average salary of $2800, and the lowest available figure is $500 for Junior Objective-C and PHP programmers.

How to Get There

Most international flights arrive in and depart from Kyiv, but Kharkiv also has an international airport. Plus, there are regular direct flights from Kyiv to Kharkiv, which last for about an hour. A direct flight from Vienna to Kharkiv takes about 2 hours only. There are also regular trains from Kyiv to Kharkiv, so it’s easy to get there if your plane arrives at one of Kyiv’s airports.

Combining large human resources with cost-competitive prices and salaries, Kharkiv is the second most attractive and promising offshore development center in Ukraine. Located in the growing technical region, Kharkiv has a big potential for any software outsourcing company.

Would you outsource programmer to Kharkiv? If so, what factors appeal to you the most? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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