Must-Attend Events for a Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails developer, Ruby on Rails development, Ruby on Rails programmer, Ruby on Rails development team, Ruby on Rails event calendar, Ruby on Rails conference, international Ruby on Rails conferenceLike most things open source, Ruby on Rails has a fairly large and active community, so a Ruby on Rails programmer always has opportunities to learn from others and share their own knowledge. If you are one of these professionals or someone who is after a good Ruby on Rails developer, conferences are the place to go.

Dedicated Ruby on Rails conferences may not be that numerous, but each of the events in this post are worth adding to your Ruby on Rails event calendar.

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Identify a Good Offshore JavaScript Developer with These JavaScript Interview Questions

JavaScript-logoOver the last few years, JavaScript has become the scripting language of the Web: nearly every personal computer has and uses at least one JavaScript interpreter, and JavaScript is a major tool for building powerful web applications. With this popularity, it seems pretty easy to hire JavaScript developer both onshore and offshore. But the trick is that while almost any developer can use JavaScript for small tasks, not everyone understands it in its fullest and can use all the possibilities it offers.

With an offshore JavaScript developer, it can be more difficult to assess the depth of their knowledge and their experience with JavaScript, but the right JavaScript interview questions can help. So, here are some must-ask questions for a JavaScript developer interview.

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10 Best Time Tracking Software Tools for Your Offshore Developers

ID-100224562Time is money. When it comes to software development, it’s not a hackneyed metaphor, time literally is money. Whether you need to bill your customer for the hours your offshore developers spent working on a project or to know how much you have invested into creating your product, you will want to keep track of your programmers’ time.

For businesses that hire developers overseas tracking the time is a must – and fortunately, they have all the means to do that effectively. Journals and spreadsheets are long gone, replaced by smart time tracking software with numerous handy features. Here are some of the best time tracking tools a team of offshore developers can use.

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Top 5 Events for a PHP Developer to Attend

PHP Events list

Networking and making connections may not seem that important for a PHP developer, and that is probably why not all coders attend PHP events regularly. But the truth is an international PHP conference is a terrific way to share knowledge and learn the new tricks in your craft.If you have been thinking about attending a top event in PHP development, here are five conferences to add to your PHP event calendar.

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How to Manage Offshore .Net Development Successfully

Hundreds of companies these days hire .Net developers offshore.


Rates that are often twice lower and a sufficient level of expertise – a remote .Net developer sounds like the optimal solution. The problem with offshore .Net development though is that it’s even more difficult to manage a project than when you work with in-house .Net coders. Communication difficulties, differences in mentality – these can be real challenges for a project supervisor. But, as you probably know, a successful project is a well-managed project, so let’s figure out how to manage your remote .Net coders team to get the most of them.

1. Understand the cultural differences and account for them.

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Looking to Hire an Offshore Magento Developer? Here Are Best Magento Interview Questions

Outsourcing Magento development is a great option for many Western businesses: with affordable costs and vast talent pools offshore locations offer, projects can be successfully completed with much less investment.

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But while finding the right specialist for your team is always difficult, with a remote Magento developer there are additional challenges.

Language barriers, differences in mentality and specifics of education, lack of face-to-face communication are only to name a few.

When you hire Magento developer, a great deal of the project’s success depends on whether you select the right candidate.

Poor Magento interview questions result in poor staffing decisions – which will have even more serious consequences for an offshore project than for an in-house one.

One of the biggest problems reported by managers who hired offshore Magento developers is that many offshore candidates have strong knowledge of the theory, but turn out not so qualified when it comes to practice. To avoid that, it’s crucial to ask Magento interview questions that reveal not just the book knowledge of your remote Magento developer, but their in-depth understanding of the technology and experience working with it.

So What to Ask at a Magento Developer Interview?

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7 Free Agile Project Management Tools for Your Scrum Teams

The classic tools Scrum teams use when organizing  their work are, of course, whiteboards, charts, and note cards. But Scrum project management software can empower you to do so much more – not to mention that it’s a crime for a software development team to ignore handy and effective software!

Agile project management tools are numerous, but if you don’t want to extend your project budget, here is a selection of free Scrum tools that will let you manage Agile software development more effectively without spending any extra.

1. Scrumblr

This absolutely simple web-based tool is basically a web simulation of an Agile sprint board, where your team can collaborate in real time. It can turn in handy when you don’t have a physical board at hand or work with a distributed Agile team.

Scrumblr agile project management tools, agile software development, scrum project management software, scrum teams,

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Rural Outsourcing vs a Dedicated Team Offshore: Which Should a US Business Go For?

In the United States, where the expenses of an IT business in metropolitan areas are among the highest in the world, outsourcing development has long been an effective solution to cut down development costs.


While the word “outsourcing” is most often associated with offshore programmers, the concept of onshore outsourcing – or rural sourcing – is gaining attention and interest. Rural outsourcing means setting up a dedicated team – or hiring a contractor team – in lower-cost regions of the country, where the pricing is more attractive. Rural sourcing is mostly targeted at university areas in regions like Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin, and others.

Both homeland staffing and offshore development have their benefits and challenges. Let’s analyze these and compare the two attractive outsourcing options US businesses have.

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4 Tips for Motivating Your Offshore PHP Developers

PHP developers remain among the most wanted IT professionals in 2013, so once you hire PHP programmer, remember that they are an important asset for your business.

images (1)

With the high demand, it’s getting harder to retain good talent, and the salaries and fringe benefits are not the only things that make PHP developers stay with your company or leave it.

Offshore hiring may seem different, but just like your in-house employees, offshore PHP developers want to be satisfied with their job. And you also want them to be satisfied: that will motivate them to stay with your business and work on its projects more effectively.

So, how do you motivate your offshore PHP developers to keep them loyal and productive? Here are a few tips.

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3 Things to Require from Your Team When You Outsource Web Development

Looking for affordable web development, most businesses turn to outsourcing.

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When you hire web developers offshore, you can drastically cut down the costs, as the programmers’ rates in outsourcing locations are normally much lower than in Western Europe or the United States.

In a perfect world, you just hire web developers and they deliver the end product the way you want it and within your deadlines. In reality, though, you may discover that the offshore web development team is not performing the way you expected. To avoid that, you should make your requirements clear right away and demand three key things from the team you chose to hire.

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