Did You Know a Distributed Team Can Be More Effective Than a Co-Located One? Here’s Why

In this age of globalization, distribute3 of the biggest pros of remote developersd software development doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. But what is surprising is that some of the best-performing teams out there are distributed ones. They are incredibly productive, sometimes beating the co-located teams of their competitors in this regard. With all the challenges of distributed software development, what does a distributed team have that makes it more effective?

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How to Hire Top Developers In Ukraine

A good programmer is like a diamond: he is rare, his services are expensive and you don’t know where you will find one to meet your goals.

How to hire a programmer?


If you need to complete short-term projects with enough budget, you may not waste your time and ask the nearest IT company for help.

But what if you start your business, need long-term cooperation and your budget is not enough to satisfy the requirements of local IT companies?

This article shares several ideas how to hire a programmer who will not only complete your projects, but will ask for compensation not exceeding your budget.

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