Planning to Hire Magento Programmer? Here’s How to Select the Best One

where to hire Magento developer or hire Magento programmers you need.A Google search “hire Magento developer” yields around 1.5 million results. Naturally, not all of these offers will be suitable for you, but the number of Magento development professionals out there is still astonishing. Selecting the one who’ll be right for your project is quite a task, but you want only the best Magento programmers on board. After all, ecommerce is a highly competitive industry, and a big share of your future store’s success depends on the quality of work the Magento ecommerce developer delivers.

To help you select top professionals in the Magento development field, here are the key things to pay attention to.

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Looking to Hire an Offshore Magento Developer? Here Are Best Magento Interview Questions

Outsourcing Magento development is a great option for many Western businesses: with affordable costs and vast talent pools offshore locations offer, projects can be successfully completed with much less investment.

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But while finding the right specialist for your team is always difficult, with a remote Magento developer there are additional challenges.

Language barriers, differences in mentality and specifics of education, lack of face-to-face communication are only to name a few.

When you hire Magento developer, a great deal of the project’s success depends on whether you select the right candidate.

Poor Magento interview questions result in poor staffing decisions – which will have even more serious consequences for an offshore project than for an in-house one.

One of the biggest problems reported by managers who hired offshore Magento developers is that many offshore candidates have strong knowledge of the theory, but turn out not so qualified when it comes to practice. To avoid that, it’s crucial to ask Magento interview questions that reveal not just the book knowledge of your remote Magento developer, but their in-depth understanding of the technology and experience working with it.

So What to Ask at a Magento Developer Interview?

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