5 Steps to a Successful Meeting with Your Distributed Team

Daxx-Steps-to-Successful-Meeting-with-Distributed-Team-webStatus meetings are essential for effective and efficient collaboration. They keep your distributed team on track. They are one of the reasons why people working in different parts of the planet stay informed and connected. And yet…

A couple of recent surveys have shown that 46 percent of employed Americans would rather watch paint dry or do some other unpleasant activity than sit through a status meeting, and 69 percent admitted that they are working on something else during virtual meetings.

The reason for such stats is quite simple: an overwhelming majority of leaders and managers just don’t know how to hold team meetings so that they bring benefits to the company as a whole as well as to individual employees.

Your team doesn’t have to feel negative about team meetings. In fact, with just a little effort you can easily get your team to be attentive and productive in meetings. With over 15 years of experience in facilitating distributed teams, we know how to keep team meetings short and sweet, and finish them before the attendees start to lose focus. You, too, can make your team meetings work, following 5 simple steps below.

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10 Best Time Tracking Software Tools for Your Offshore Developers

ID-100224562Time is money. When it comes to software development, it’s not a hackneyed metaphor, time literally is money. Whether you need to bill your customer for the hours your offshore developers spent working on a project or to know how much you have invested into creating your product, you will want to keep track of your programmers’ time.

For businesses that hire developers overseas tracking the time is a must – and fortunately, they have all the means to do that effectively. Journals and spreadsheets are long gone, replaced by smart time tracking software with numerous handy features. Here are some of the best time tracking tools a team of offshore developers can use.

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Nearshore Development Team: Pros and Cons

Every business is looking for ways to get better results while investing less. No doubt, so is yours. That is especially true for the IT industry, where qualified employees are in high demand, and salaries are constantly growing.

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Fortunately, an IT software company today can solve this problem – just outsource programmer or hire a nearshore development team on a project or long-term basis. A dedicated team of remote developers may seem like a perfect solution, but there are always pros and cons. Let’s have a closer look at the nearshore team advantages and drawbacks and figure out how to handle the latter.

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