4 Tips for Motivating Your Offshore PHP Developers

PHP developers remain among the most wanted IT professionals in 2013, so once you hire PHP programmer, remember that they are an important asset for your business.

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With the high demand, it’s getting harder to retain good talent, and the salaries and fringe benefits are not the only things that make PHP developers stay with your company or leave it.

Offshore hiring may seem different, but just like your in-house employees, offshore PHP developers want to be satisfied with their job. And you also want them to be satisfied: that will motivate them to stay with your business and work on its projects more effectively.

So, how do you motivate your offshore PHP developers to keep them loyal and productive? Here are a few tips.

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How to Effectively Hire Web Developers Remotely

When you are planning to start a big development project, at some point you will consider outsourcing as a great way to save costs while getting the same quality of work.

Outsource Prorgammers with Daxx IT StaffingThis makes sense: PHP developers or Ruby developers from Eastern Europe, for example, will charge much less than programmers of the same level, located in Western Europe or the USA.

But when you outsource a programmer, there are always challenges, associated with handling the hiring process remotely. So what are the major difficulties you will face while hiring web developers offshore, and what to do about them?

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