5 Best Upcoming Web Development Conferences

Web developer, Web development, Web programmer, Web development team, Web event calendar, Web conference, international Web conferenceFrom inspiration and new knowledge to employment opportunities or best web programmer talent – an international conference is a find for everyone at least remotely interested in web development. An event like that is where managers meet developers, and entrepreneurs meet great contractors, so if attending a web conference is still not on your to-do list, it’s high time to add it.

Here are five web development events, most worthy of your attention and coming up soon this year. Content management systems, frameworks, tools, and design trends – these conferences cover the hottest web development topics.

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3 Things to Require from Your Team When You Outsource Web Development

Looking for affordable web development, most businesses turn to outsourcing.

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When you hire web developers offshore, you can drastically cut down the costs, as the programmers’ rates in outsourcing locations are normally much lower than in Western Europe or the United States.

In a perfect world, you just hire web developers and they deliver the end product the way you want it and within your deadlines. In reality, though, you may discover that the offshore web development team is not performing the way you expected. To avoid that, you should make your requirements clear right away and demand three key things from the team you chose to hire.

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