Ukrainian IT Freelancers are in more demand than Canadian and the UK ones on Elance

According to the global web employment platform Elance Ukrainian freelance web developers took the fourth spot in the global online earnings rating.

Ukrainian IT freelancers earnings on Elance, 2013Ukrainian freelancers have already earned more than USD 38 million, with nearly USD 35.7 million gained by the IT industry, states the report. It is stated that Canadian and the UK freelancers together earned less that Ukrainian web freelancers in 2012. Security analysis, software testing, security engineering, oracle, and game programming were the most required freelance web development services on Elance.

The Global earnings leader list on Elance, 2012:

  1. The U.S. – more than USD 166 million
  2. India – USD 165 million
  3. Pakistan – USD 39,7 million
  4. Ukraine  – USD 38 million
  5. Canada – around  USD 19 million
  6. The UK

During the last years Ukraine has showed steady growth and become one of the top IT Outsourcing destinations in the world. Today more than 1 000 Ukrainian software development companies operate in Ukraine providing wide range of services to such giants as Microsoft, HP, IBM, EBay, Google and thousands of middle and small business all over the world.

Ukrainian engineers are well known in the world as good professionals with deep mathematical background. European mentality is another key factor to the successful cooperation with them. Every year around 16,000 IT specialists graduate in Ukraine making the country the largest pool of IT professionals in Central and Eastern Europe.

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