What Happened in IT in 2013: Software, Web, and Mobile Development News

it outsourcing trends, outsourcing statistics, it outsourcing articles, IT news, IT trends, IT statistics, tech news, tech trends, tech statistics2013 is finished, and it’s time to look back at the highlights in the IT industry.

We have selected several events that made the news in the software, web, and mobile development spheres in 2013.

Google Launched an Updated Apps Marketplace for Enterprises

Google Apps platform currently has 5,000 businesses as new users daily, but Google is determined to increase this number. The company has launched Apps Marketplace for businesses, the biggest update to the extended Google Apps since 2010. The Marketplace will feature extensions and apps like workflow apps or email marketing services, including more than twenty applications, developed by third parties.

Amazon Announced Appstream for Mobile Developers to Stream Apps from the Cloud

Amazon has launched a new service that allows developers to stream apps from the cloud to mobile devices in high definition. Amazon Appstream is targeted for mobile developers, but the service can be applied for desktop apps as well. According to Amazon, with this service mobile developers will be able to “build high-fidelity, graphically rich applications that run on a wide variety of devices, start instantly, and have access to all of the compute and storage resources of the AWS Cloud”.

API Commons Platform Launched for Developers to Share APIs

A non-commercial service for copyright-free sharing of APIs was launched in November. It enables software developers to share their APIs under Creative Commons licenses. The goal of API Commons is to enable developers to set definitions other programmers can use.

Google Cloud SQL Now Supports Native MySQL Connections

Google has added support of native MySQL connections to its Cloud SQL platform. Integrating third-party applications has now become easier: it’s possible to plug native MySQL apps into Cloud SQL and leave management and system administration to Google.

Microsoft Acquired API Management Service to Integrate with Windows Azure

Microsoft will integrate an API management service Apiphany it has acquired with Windows Azure. According to Windows Azure blog, the newly acquired service will “provide businesses of any size the tools they need to expose particular endpoints while selectively gating access to more sensitive data and services”.  For developers, though, Apiphany service, which used to be an affordable tool for managing their APIs, now becomes unavailable.

SensioLabs Raised $6.9 Million to Expand Its Activity on Symfony

SensioLabs, a French startup, whose team created Symfony framework back in 2005, raised $6.9 million from CM-CIC Capital Privé to continue supporting the open-source PHP framework and developing Symfony community. As PHP remains one of the leading web development languages, SensioLabs’ work on Symfony will help engineering teams greatly.

That’s what 2013 was like for the IT sphere. Which significant news in software and web development have we missed? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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