What is a Virtual Team and How to Manage IT?

WHat is a Virtual TeamContemporary world is developing so fast that things just can’t be the same due to technological advancements of all spheres of life. Globalization influences all professional fields as well as business world. Today business projects are managed and controlled with the help of telecommunication means that make it simple to do everyday business tasks fast. The most effective and quality contemporary decision is a virtual team and it is one of the most effective ways to develop business.

What Is a Virtual Team and How It Can Help in Your Business?

Virtual teams consist of the employees that are professionals working for your company. The main peculiarity is that your employees can work in the comfort of their homes.

Employees just need to log on to the business website and work online. They implement their functions concerning particular business projects through online collaboration.

Virtual teams successfully collaborate online and show perfect working results. Such an option became a necessity mainly for those companies that hire professionals all over the world.

How to Manage Your Virtual Team?

Every virtual team should be managed properly to show perfect and constructive results and accomplishments.  Building confidence and trust within the virtual team is the key that lead your business to the top. The task is to create effective and beneficial interaction inside the virtual team to work fast and efficiently.

So How to Manage the Process of Building Virtual Teams Properly?

1. Individual interaction with every employee to build the trust and mutual understanding between the manager and executive. Inspiration is very vital to make the employee feel he or she is a part of a serious and benevolent team that is interested in mutual success and prosperity.

2. Setting up a team meeting schedule is of high importance. Team meeting allows employees to know each other better for comfortable interaction.

3. Methods to explain business conceptions virtually. This can’t be neglected and the reason is manager should be entirely confident that each and every member of the team clearly understands the project and its concept to work at the project properly. This can be attained with the help of visual methods that help employees to understand when the goal is completed.

4. Team norms should be set up through particular exercises. Team operates according to the norms and standards that help in managing virtual teams and employees’ collaboration. Norms are created for solving misunderstanding, conflicts and problems that can take place during the process.

Building trust between the multicultural team members is of high importance. Managers and team leaders are required for being energetic, inspiring and progressive for building a strong and effective virtual team.

 Virtual Teams in IT Industry

Virtual teams are frequently used in IT outsourcing services market where foreign professionals are in high demand. Building virtual teams is very effective in IT sphere where software developers collaborate online efficaciously.

Today developers can also work from the offshore IT staffing service offices in accordance with the dedicated teams’ model. This is very much appreciated by the companies who hire software developers with the help of IT staffing services. Dedicated teams’ model guarantees perfect working conditions and organization of employees who are hired by IT company. Employer is entirely confident in his employees as their working discipline is managed by IT staffing service. Using such services companies focus on managing of their dedicated developers letting their subcontractor to deal with all administrative issues, payrolling etc.

Ukraine stays one of the most lucrative countries for IT outsourcing services and the number of companies which choose it is increasing dramatically.

Ukrainian software developers are in high demand at the present time due to their qualitative education and positive characteristics. IT developer salaries in Ukraine are at the reasonable level in comparison with the European countries.

What do you think? What tools are you using to manage your remote team? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.


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